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calendar icon28April
Texting Contributed to Helicopter Crash

The National Transportation Safety Board recently completed an investigation over a helicopter crash that happened in August 2011. The safety board felt that the pilot of a medical emergency helicopter …

calendar icon09April
$1 Million Settlement Reported in Conroe Dram Shop Case

A little less than a year ago in Montgomery County, a fatal drunk driving accident occurred when an intoxicated driver was driving the wrong way and caused a fatal crash. …

calendar icon02April
Mitigating Personal Injury Damages in Texas

Mitigating damages means minimizing your damages, and it is a concept the law recognizes in certain circumstances. For personal injury victims, it means doing things to keep things from getting …

calendar icon20February
Car Accidents and Onboard Computers

 Event Data Recorders Most people are unaware that the vehicle they are driving actually contains an onboard data system. The same system that provides some of the nuisance warnings such …

calendar icon07January
Teenage Distracted Driving [Infographic]

Teenage drivers are the most likely to be involved in a car accident. Teenagers lack the driving experience needed to driver safer. Add to the inexperience the fact that teens …

calendar icon23November
The Truth About Distracted Driving

  Distracted driving – everybody’s talking about it, what is it and how do we stop it?