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calendar icon28May
Tornado Safety Tips

When tornadoes strike it is best to be prepared to the extent possible. Unfortunately, once a tornado strikes there is no surefire way to protect your family. With the extremely …

calendar icon12May
Technology for Personal Injury Lawyers

Updated May 12, 2020 While technology advances on a daily basis and something new is always around the corner, lawyers seem to be the type that is reluctant to embrace …

calendar icon10May
Better Business Bureau Recognizes Baumgartner Law Firm

The Baumgartner Law Firm was recently recognized by the Better Business Bureau with a winner of distinction award. The Baumgartner All Firm received the prestigious winner of distinction award at …

calendar icon28April
Texting Contributed to Helicopter Crash

The National Transportation Safety Board recently completed an investigation over a helicopter crash that happened in August 2011. The safety board felt that the pilot of a medical emergency helicopter …

calendar icon09April
$1 Million Settlement Reported in Conroe Dram Shop Case

A little less than a year ago in Montgomery County, a fatal drunk driving accident occurred when an intoxicated driver was driving the wrong way and caused a fatal crash. …

calendar icon02April
Mitigating Personal Injury Damages in Texas

Mitigating damages means minimizing your damages, and it is a concept the law recognizes in certain circumstances. For personal injury victims, it means doing things to keep things from getting …