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calendar icon05July
Injury Prevention – Importance of Hydration

Everybody knows that our bodies contain about two thirds water. What many people don’t know is how critically important adequate hydration is in the summertime in Houston. Providing yourself with …

calendar icon01July
The Uncollectible Judgment

A recent article indicated a true miscarriage of justice where a NFL player was sent to prison for a crime he did not commit based upon testimony that was false. …

calendar icon18June
Why Personal Injury Victims Need Contingency Fees

Most Texas personal injury attorneys handle cases on what is called a “contingency fee” basis. This article explains the reasons for and benefits of a contingent fee arrangement.   What …

calendar icon14June
Demonstrative Evidence in a Personal Injury Trial

Demonstrative evidence is evidence that is evidence other than testimony in the trial of the case. Demonstrative evidence in a personal injury trial can be such things as a photograph …

calendar icon06June
New Law Benefiting Texas Families Who Are Accident Victims

Recently, the Texas legislature passed a bill correcting inequities on subrogation rights on the part of certain health insurance and other entities. The action was needed to help protect Texas …

calendar icon01June
Harris County Jury Service

Part of our obligation to our community is the responsibility to serve on a jury when called. Fortunately, Harris County has excellent facilities making the jury assembly process very organized …