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Organizations Fighting Drunk Driving

There is little doubt that drunk driving can severely damage the sanctity of a community. Drunk driving can lead to alcohol-related crashes, injuries to the drunk driver and other innocent parties and, sadly, every hour someone is killed in an alcohol-related auto accident.

Fighting Drunk Driving in Texas
Please don’t drink and drive!

In addition, a city where drunk driving has become rampant can also cut into the city’s revenue by creating a trap that turns off potential tourists and locals alike. In this vein, nothing compares to the loss of life and losing a loved one to a thoughtless bad decision.

Amongst the problem of drunk driving, there are many organizations that are stepping up to help cull this social problem.   Some of these organizations fighting to protect our communities include:


Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD): Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) is largely considered to be one of the most prolific organizations working against drunk driving, not to mention one of the largest nonprofits in the country. The organization got its start by Candice Lightner’s mission to curb drunk driving after her daughter was killed in an auto accident. According to their website, “the mission of Mothers Against Drunk Driving is to stop drunk driving, support the victims of this violent crime and prevent underage drinking.” The organization meets this goal head-on through its core educational efforts, victim assistance, advocacy for specific legislative policies, and helping victims of drunk driving, including families of victims.

Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility: The Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility (FAAR) is centered on the need to eliminate drunk driving and underage drinking altogether. The organization meets this goal through its efforts of fostering an overall mentality of responsible decision-making when it comes to alcohol. The organization currently has a presence in all fifty states as well as the nation’s capital. Currently, the organization meets these aforementioned goals through educational resources, which are available on the site as well as through various social media platforms. In addition, the organization also offers countless research considerations and opens up a dialogue so that students and adults alike can be more responsible when it comes to drinking.


Students Against Drunk Driving (SADD): Existing under the guidance of the DUI DWI Foundation, the Students Against Drunk Driving (SADD) organization is considered the largest peer-organization in the United States. The primary mission of SADD is to educate students using “the best prevention and invention tools possible to deal with issues of underage drinking, other drug use, impaired driving, and other destructive decisions.” The organization is currently comprised of over 350,000 active student members across the nation and holds chapters in middle school, high schools, as well as colleges. The organization includes projects such as student-focused forums, leadership training, media outreach, fundraising, peer-led classes, and more. All of these are designed to help students get into the mindset of leadership excellence so that they can make the appropriate decisions in any given situation.

The above organizations represent some of the strongest platforms in the fight against drunk driving. Not only do these organizations offer viable research and educational efforts, but many also work with police agencies, educational facilities, and the general public alike.

Please join the fight and don’t drink and drive!