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Written by greg on March 13, 2015

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One of the best things about Houston for bicyclists is that there are a collection of paths, trails, and areas that are suitable for bicycling. In many ways, Houston can certainly be considered a bicycling friendly city. With spring and summer weather almost upon us, many bicyclists are gearing up to enjoy the crystalline blue skies and the lower temperatures before they hit their highest peak.

In order to make plans many bicyclists are using the popular website and app Map My Ride which serves the purpose of discovering new routes within the city. The program works by allowing users to input the specific routes they have taken in order to allow others to traverse across the same paths. Factors such as overall miles, elevation, and ease are all taken into account.

This is extremely ideal because it allows an open line of communication between bicyclists. For instance, if one comes across a trail that is idea because there is less risk of injury or no potential barriers, then it is uploaded onto the site so that others can access it. Additionally, by the amount of uploads on the site, bicyclists can discover new biking options in Houston, allowing them to not only explore new paths, but also open them up to the many wonders of the city.

Focusing on Houston Cycling Trails, some of the more prominent locations include the following:

  • Bayou to 610
  • Commerce St to San Jacinto St, just near Discovery Green
  • Heights Bike Trail


Aside from these trails the site features hundreds, from short distance trails meant for simple relaxation to more intense paths that are meant as strict training regimes. There is also challenges set forth in order to encourage one to beat records and motivate themselves. The site is also ideal because it offers current weather information, as well as a section specifically on Houston Cycling Events so that bicyclists can not only get out and meet others, but can also find ways to become involved in the city and do some good within it.

All of these factors allow bicyclists a type of hub to meet many different goals. As mentioned, one of the biggest benefits to the site are the biking trails and paths themselves, as the ability to have a wide variety of options is essential for maintaining a bicycling regime with an eye towards continued improvement.

In addition, if one does not want to follow the uploaded paths on Map My Ride, one can also utilize some of the best biking trails in Houston:

  • Terry Hershey Park
  • George Bush Park
  • Memorial Park
  • Cullen Park
  • Buffalo Bayou Bike and Hike Trails

Each of these trails vary in their level of intensity and the distance that one can bike, but all of the trails, whether created by bicyclists themselves or a designated place put forth by the city, allows one to exercise, enjoy the sunny weather, and allows one to also appreciate the city while biking.




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