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One Killed, Multiple People Injured in Truck Accident on US 290 Feeder Road in Houston

Water truck accident in Houston



Reports indicate multiple injuries and a 79-year-old was killed when a commercial truck carrying water ran a red light striking a pickup truck causing it to hit a passenger car.


Two people were in a GMC pickup truck that was traveling north on North Gessner in Harris County, Texas when the water delivery truck ran a red light. The passenger of the pickup was killed in the crash, and the driver was transported to the hospital for treatment. The impact caused the GMC pickup to strike a Toyota Avalon.


Apparently, some independent witnesses saw the water truck run a red light striking the pickup truck.

Wrongful Death Truck Accident in Houston, TX


Early Collection of Evidence Needed


While the police officers and the district attorney’s office or investigating the crash, significant evidence regarding the condition of the vehicle, its speed, and possible video evidence should be independently preserved, and action was taken as soon as possible.


It is common in a Houston truck accident that the insurance company for the commercial vehicle will have dispatched a group including attorneys and investigators to the scene of the crash sometimes before the cars have even been moved.


It is critical that the victims and their families act with diligence to obtain the best representation possible to secure necessary evidence.


Some information that should be preserved by the victims taking action by hiring an attorney includes:

  • Black box or computer chip data from the water truck
  • Local business video cameras in the area may show the water truck
  • In-cab recorders which are more common today in commercial vehicles
  • Paperwork regarding the hours worked by the truck driver before the accident
  • The driver qualification file
  • Documents evidencing the truck driver’s training
  • Material relating to the deliveries on the day of the accident


Civil Justice is Different from Traffic Citations or Criminal Charges


The reporting quotes the District Attorney’s Office as they expect at least a traffic citation to be issued to the driver of the water truck. In some instances, involving serious injury or wrongful death, a truck driver can be charged criminally for their actions, but those cases are rare.


Most commercial drivers will have a traffic ticket attorney represent them for the citation should they receive one. Because the traffic courts in the greater Houston area face more tickets than they can give a jury trial, many if not most of the commercial trucking citations end up getting dismissed. Likely dismissal when the ticket is fought is real even though the violation is clear.


Civil lawsuits for personal injury or wrongful death are separate from traffic citations or criminal charges. Damages for personal injury or the loss of a family member after a truck accident often are the only justice a victim or their family receives after an accident.


Terrible tragedies like this can occur much easier given the physical weight of a commercial vehicle such as one carrying water. It is simple physics that when a 50,000-pound vehicle strikes a 5000-pound car, the passenger car or pickup truck can receive a devastating impact that causes severe injury or wrongful death.


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