No Refusal for DWI’s for Super Bowl Weekend?

Written by Greg on February 5, 2016



The no refusal program which Houston implemented sometime ago for areas surrounding Houston will most likely be gearing up once again for the Super Bowl weekend. All in all, the program has led to record numbers of DWI arrests for those suspected of being under the influence of alcohol and driving.


The program enables officers to obtain a warrant for drawing blood from those drivers who refuse a breath test. News reports indicate that over 13,000 drivers in Harris County were charged with DWI last year. It is no surprise that Houston leads the nation in fatal drunk driver accidents and Texas leads the nation in the same category.


If you are wondering about the cost of the DWI please check out our infographic about the costs and consequences of drinking and driving.


Historically, weekends have been where the majority of the rest come from drinking drivers. Additionally, certain holidays such as the Fourth of July and Memorial Day lead to record number of arrests.


While the fines and costs of going through a driving arrest or significant, if someone gets hurt in a drunk driving accident the consequences can be severe for the drinking driver. While Harris County jurors have shown disdain for drinking drivers in civil actions, the consequences in a criminal case when someone has been injured can be shocking. In some cases, sentences received can be greater than those when the injury or death was caused by an intentional shooting.


Whatever the case, whether it is Super Bowl weekend or any other day, choosing not to drink and drive is responsible choice.


Use a designated driver, use UBER, call a cab or stay put- but please do not drink and drive.


Below is a link to Uber:


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