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What You Need to Know After Being Injured in an Accident with a Company Vehicle?

hurt in a company truck

In the immediate aftermath of a motor vehicle accident in which you were driving a company vehicle, the same requirements are placed on you as if you were driving your own vehicle.

At the Scene

  • Number one, do not leave the scene of the accident and if you can do so safely get help or administer first aid to anyone in need to the best of your ability.
  • Immediately call 911 to report the accident and wait for the police and medical personnel to arrive.
  • Be wary of what you say to others and always be truthful with the police.
  • Politely answer questions put to you by the police and call your company right away to report the accident to them.
  • Take the ambulance ride to the local hospital’s emergency room to treat any injuries you may have and to document your injuries.
  • Contact your company’s human resources department and/or insurance carrier for guidance.

Workers Comp

There will be forms you must fill out and do so accurately and promptly.

In the State of Texas, if you are injured in a motor vehicle accident while driving a company vehicle while doing your job, even if you are miles away from your place of employment, you may have been technically injured on the job.

You may have Texas workers compensation benefits. Since Texas is a no-fault state for workers compensation, it is unnecessary to prove fault against the other party to collect benefits. If you have comp, your medical bills and care should be covered by comp benefits even if the crash was someone else’s fault.

When the Wreck Was Not Your Fault

Besides Texas workers compensation benefits, you may elect to sue the other driver in the accident whose negligence may have caused the accident.

It is advisable that you also speak with a Texas personal injury lawyer to discuss your accident and the case you might have against the negligent driver in the collision.

Texas workers compensation reimburses an injured party for medical expenses and lost wages but offers not much in damages such as pain and suffering or ongoing disability.

Although the two claims, one from worker’s compensation and one from a personal injury lawsuit may coexist when you collect a settlement from the other driver’s insurance company, the worker’s compensation insurer in Texas will seek to be paid back. Here are the differences between workers comp and personal injury claims.

Workers Comp places no limitation on the claims against third parties involved in the accident. When a person hires a personal injury lawyer to sue the negligent party, Texas workers compensation will credit the plaintiff for attorney’s fees under the law.

Many types of injuries such as head, neck and back trauma may not become evident until days or weeks after the accident. Motor vehicle accidents, even minor ones, are the leading cause of traumatic brain injuries.

Signs you are more injured than you originally thought include persistent severe headaches, nausea, and the inability to enjoy a full night’s rest.

If you are hurt while on the job in your company’s vehicle, and were not at fault start the worker’s compensation claim right away and call the best injury attorney you can find. The benefits of hiring an experienced personal injury attorney can’t be overstated.

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