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What Your Need to Know About Driving in the Fog

How to safely driving in fog


Driving in the fog can prove to be a significantly hazardous endeavor. The reality is that many motorists do not know how to properly drive in fog. As a result, the dangers associated with the presence of fog itself is magnified significantly by how other motorists respond to it. There are some important facts to bear in mind when driving in the fog that can reduce your odds of a car or truck wreck.

Reduce Speed

No matter the stated speed limit, a driver must never operate a motor vehicle faster than is deemed safe under prevailing conditions. Because fog can significantly limit a driver’s line of sight, speed must be reduced. Rely on your speedometer, not physical guideposts along a roadway. Fog masks the sensation of speed normally illustrated by physical markers. Wet pavement often hampers stopping distance in the fog.

Use Low-Beam Lights

A natural tendency is to activate high-beam lights when visibility is somehow restricted. Using high-beam lights in fog actually aggravates the situation, makes it worse. With high-beam lights engaged, the visibility is further impaired because the light bounces off the fog and back at the vehicle.

Use Right Side Pavement Line as a Guide

When traveling in fog, use the pavement line on the right side of the road as your guide. Avoid using the pavement line in the middle of the road. If you use the pavement line in the middle of the road, you run the risk of drifting too close to oncoming traffic when fog prevails.

Never Stop on the Roadway

When driving in fog, never stop on the roadway when traveling in fog. In addition, avoid pulling over on the shoulder of a roadway as well. If you need to stop, get off the roadway and as far away as possible from the road. If you must stop on the shoulder, turn off your lights.

If you leave your lights on, an approaching motorist may think your vehicle is in motion, in a lane of traffic, even if you are pulled to a stop on the shoulder of the road. Our truck accident attorneys have handled several tractor-trailer accident lawsuits where fog played a role.

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