Motorcycle Helmets and Safety

Written by greg on December 29, 2012

Need a reason to wear a motorcycle helmet? Try any of the following:

*Protection. Helmets are the only thing ‘standing between you and anything else in a collision’. They protect the head from road rash and trauma in accidents. Study after study confirms their critical role in saving lives and minimizing head trauma.

*Helmets keep bugs off your face, out of your eyes and out of your mouth! If you’ve ever swallowed a bug you know what I mean. UGH.

*Helmets keep debris such as stones, sticks, asphalt and other lose material from flying at you at an excessive speed and injuring you – or causing you to lose control of your ‘chopper’ and have an accident.

*Helmets protect you from the elements. Rain, snow and other drizzling matter falling from the sky (or smoke) endanger your ability to motor safely. Helmets help to keep your vision clear – increasing your safety. They also protect against excessive heat and glare from the sun.

*Did you know that today’s helmets are fitted with radio controls for easier communication – as well as allowing you to access news, music and other radio communications?

Helmets – the necessary accessory for motorcyclists.

Greg Baumgartner is a motorcycle accident lawyer and the founder of the Baumgartner law firm, which is dedicated to helping personal injury victims seek civil justice. If you would like to speak with a Houston accident lawyer call the Baumgartner Law Firm.

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