Motor Home Accidents

Written by Greg on January 28, 2012

Motor home or hor recreational vehicles are often more expensive than a regular home these days. Overall, sales of these traveling homes are down due to economic challenges that include everything from unemployment to the ever-rising cost of fuel – and the ridiculously low m.p.g. a driver gets from these vehicles.

The one thing that is rarely discussed, however, in the decision to buy a motor home is the potential dangers inherent in these vehicles. Oh sure, most drivers believe that because it’s about the same size as a bus – or even rivals the size of a semi-truck that there is a natural safety factor built into it.

Unfortunately, though, passengers (and even drivers) tend to mistakenly believe that because of its size – a motorhome is naturally safe and they often overlook the one factor that continues to save lives in any accident – the seat belt.

Only a few weeks ago an RV carrying nearly a dozen people experienced a tire blowout that caused the driver to lose control of the vehicle – sending it careening into a tree and killing two people. The others were admitted to the hospital with varying degrees of injuries. One minute the group was enjoying the revelry of traveling to a ‘bowl game’ and the next – tragedy.

Any safety precaution that one must take into account for driving a car, truck, bus, or semi is relevant to motorhome driving as well. Keep the vehicle in good working order – and wear your seatbelt.  Many motor homes or custom vans have aftermarket parts such as auxiliary fuel tanks and in some cases an aftermarket part can be very dangerous as some manufacturers of aftermarket parts do not adequately test them for real life safety.

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