Medical Treatment After An Accident

Written by Greg on April 4, 2013

If you’ve been in an accident with a 18 wheeler or big rig, chances are you sustain some type of injury. The most important thing to do after a serious injury accident is to look out for your self, medically and follow all the advice of your physician’s.

Frequently, after a car accident, the injury victim is transported to the hospital emergency room by ambulance. The ambulance personnel take steps to stabilize the injury victim and get them to the emergency room. However, the care received at the emergency room often depends upon the type of health insurance that the injury victim has. That is not to say that the emergency room will not treat a serious injury after a car accident for those who don’t have insurance. However, in some cases, test that should have been ordered are not done when a patient does not have health insurance coverage.

Emergency rooms treat emergency conditions and then require the injury victim to follow up with the physician of their choosing for ongoing care. When a person is discharged from the emergency room it does not mean that they are uninjured or are going to heal normally, it just means that the emergency room is not the appropriate facility for the further care they may need. Discharge instructions routinely include instructions to follow up with a personal physician.

In evaluating a personal injury claim from a car accident or a truck accident, the insurance company always looks for something they do not like about that claim. It’s the old darned if you do and darned if you don’t scenario. Should a personal injury victim attempt to tough it out and delay in seeking treatment with the hope that they would get better, the insurance carrier tends to suggest that the injury documented later on is unrelated to the accident, or that the personal injury victim is exaggerating their injuries.

If the injury victim follows up with their physician and does everything they are required to do, you can expect the adverse insurance company to claim that the treatment was excessive or unnecessary.

At the end of the day, the most important thing someone can do after serious injury accident is to ensure that they get proper and prompt medical care. And that they follow up with the treatment outlined by their treating physicians. Let a qualified and experienced personal injury attorney worry about the insurance claim.

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