Markings Required of Commercial Vehicles in Texas

Written by Greg on August 7, 2012

Commercial vehicles are required to include a number of ‘markings’ on their vehicles as required by federal and interstate driving laws. Although these may vary slightly from state to state – for the most part, you can expect to find similar information on all semi-trucks and other commercial vehicles. Almost universally – drivers must display the name of motor carrier and USDOT # followed by the state’s initials in which the vehicle originates.

But the following guidelines apply in the state of Texas:

Interstate vehicles: Follow FMCSR Section 390.21. If conducting intrastate operations, TX DOT number does not have to be displayed if CMV is in compliance with Part 390.21

Intrastate vehicles: Intrastate carriers meeting the compliance definition listed below must obtain a motor carrier certificate number and must display the name of the motor carrier and the certificate number to comply on both sides of each power unit. All lettering must be legible and be at least 2 feet tall.

The following vehicle criteria are used to determine who must secure and display a Motor Carrier Certificate from the Texas Dept. of Transportation:

* A commercial motor vehicle that has 3 or more axles

* A truck tractor

* A road tractor

* A tow truck*

*Tow trucks must also display the city and telephone number of the operating business on both sides of each unit.

There are many reasons for requiring these markings of commercial vehicles.  One reason is that there are a significant number of big rig accidents where the truck driver is unaware that they have run over another vehicle. How to identify a Motor Carrier

This is frequently the case when a big rig changes lanes inappropriately and runs over another smaller passenger car.  Given the huge weight disparity, there are many times that the truck driver does not actually know that they have been involved in a wreck and leave the scene and the victim behind.  Providing markings on the vehicle has a way of identifying the commercial vehicle in such a case.

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