A Look at the Best iPhone Navigation Apps

Written by Greg on June 14, 2017


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iPhone users find their mobile device indispensable. The typical iPhone user utilizes his or her device for a myriad of purposes each and every down, beyond communication. One area in which the iPhone is becoming close to invaluable is a resource for navigation. With that in mind, there are some iPhone navigation apps that are considered among the best around.


Google Maps


At this juncture in time, there is a broad consensus that Google Maps is one of the best iPhone navigation apps on the market. Google Maps garners high marks because it is a truly comprehensive navigation app.


The app contains everything from driving, public transport (in many locations), biking, and walking functionality. The app comes complete traditional as well as satellite map options. With the app, a user is also able to filter restaurant information and obtain weather conditions and forecasts along any route.




When it comes to iPhone navigation apps, Waze is an amazing up and comer. Waze is classified as a crowdsourcing navigation app. This means that users collectively have the ability to input vital information about everything from road conditions to best routes to get from one location to another. The data from users is entered in real time and does not rely on possibly distorted information funneled into the app via a satellite. (As an aside, Waze fairly recently was acquired by Google.)


Because users input date as they see or encounter it, fellow motorists are able to avoid congestion, accidents, and other roadway and travel issues. This information tends to be more up to date than what can be found on other iPhone navigation apps.


Navigon USA


While Google Maps and Waze are free iPhone applications, Navigon costs a fee to access. Indeed, the price attached to Navigon is about $50.


With that said, Navigon provides a truly comprehensive array of not only the types of resources found in fee app options, but these resources are amped up to a whole new level. In addition, the Navigon app includes unique features, like intelligent address searching, not found in free alternatives.




Scout is another free iPhone app. This application differs from Google Maps, and many others, because it not only provides directional and navigational resources, but it can be used in unison with friends and others. By this it is meant that if a group of people are headed to the same location, travels from different locations can be coordinated through Scout. This iPhone app truly is the navigation application in the social media era.









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