Long Term Financial Impacts of a Brain Injury

Written by Greg on March 7, 2015

 brain injury costs

Many times, car accidents and other unforeseen events can cause drastic head injuries. While the injuries that occur can be extreme by themselves, research also indicates that there are additional long term effects that can be seen. Although this typically manifests in unfortunate health affects, the financial risks should not be ignored.

According to a study found in the ClincioEconomics and Outcomes Research journal, “An estimated 10 million people will be affected annually by traumatic brain injury (TBI).” That is a significant amount of individuals and perhaps what is more telling of the overall problem is the fact that, many of these survivors will never fully gain social independence, despite the lack of physical disabilities or no changes to overall lifespan. The problem, in terms of social independence, is largely due to financial considerations.

For example, according to the research, individuals that suffer a brain injury will require higher medical costs including costs associated with psychotherapy needs, have higher divorce rates which garner in additional costs, and will have potential problems with both finding and retaining employment.

Each of these categories can be further broken down in order to understand just how many financial considerations there can be in when it comes to traumatic brain injury. For instance, psychotherapy needs does not only include mental issues that occur as a result of the injury, but can also lead to changes into behavior, which can include aggressive behavior or extreme antisocial behavior.

Individuals that suffer from TBI then seek after help in order to correct these issues to return to a life pre-injury. As one can imagine, this will then render additional therapy costs, which can often be ongoing. In short, traumatic brain injury affects every facet of daily life and as a result, long term costs increase significantly.

This fact is also echoed through research conducted by The Toral Family Foundation, which is an organization that seeks to help patients that impacted by spinal cord or brain injuries. The research from TFF indicates that patients that suffer traumatic brain injury can see great financial impact associated with loss of wages; not only for the patient, but also for family members who might have extended stays at the hospital, medical costs which can increase with limited insurance, costs associated with some of the social problems outlined above such as a higher divorce rate, as well as legal costs in the event that the injury is the result of a secondary party.

The research also outlines that there are some governmental programs that are designed to render aid for those with onslaught medical conditions and costs. Medicaid, Medicare, and state programs can all help to alleviate the overwhelming financial costs that are associated with traumatic brain injury.

However, it is equally important to understand just how prevalent these costs can be and the rate in which they can increase. In understanding all of these costs one can be more decisive when it comes to understanding the expected needs and their associated financial costs in the long term.

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