Is Your Vehicle Rollover Prone?

Written by Greg on November 18, 2013

A very high percentage of cars or pickup trucks that are involved in an accident and rollover result in a serious injury or a wrongful death, and the physics of the accident explains why.

Some statistics suggest that approximately 1/3 of all fatal crashes of SUVs involved in a rollover. The high center of gravity for SUVs makes them much easier to roll over than lower center of gravity vehicles. 15 passenger vans are especially susceptible to rollover when fully loaded.

An accident that results in a rollover usually happens during a turn or a correction of steering that affects the stability of the vehicle. The higher the center of gravity and the lower the vehicle width, the greater likelihood of a rollover accident.

To combat the potential of an SUV rollover, many manufacturers have a control system built in that tend to reduce rollover accidents. Unfortunately, there is not a federal standard as far as rollover potential goes. Vehicle manufacturers have largely been held accountable by personal injury litigation when they design an unsafe product.

The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration has a rollover rating system that rates specific models of vehicles based upon a star system. The ratings have proven true to a large extent based upon external analysis.

To review the five-star ratings of specific vehicles click here.

If you are wondering about the safety of a specific vehicle going to the website and researching the vehicles are considering purchasing can go a long way to give you peace of mind in the purchase.

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