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Interesting Traffic Accident Facts in Texas


The Texas Department of Transportation keeps statistics which show the crash data generated from accident reports filled out by officers within the state. Each year, the findings are published in June and show some surprising facts.

2015 Texas Accident Facts

A person is killed in the state of Texas every two hours and 29 minutes
• a person is injured every two minutes and eight seconds
• a reportable crash happens every 61 seconds
• 246,335 people were injured in traffic accidents in Texas
• 960 people were killed in crashes where alcohol was a factor
• 27% of all fatal accidents involve some form of alcohol
• most drunk driving crashes occurred between 2 AM and 3 AM
• most drunk driving accidents happened on Saturday
• 581 people were killed in head-on accidents
• September 26 was the deadliest day for traffic crashes in Texas
• October was the deadliest month with 356 people killed
There was over 13,000 serious injury crashes in 2015 with over 17,000 people seriously injured. There was not a day that went by where someone was not killed in a traffic accident in the state of Texas.

Other data shows that the majority of serious injury accidents occurred in the most populated areas of the state. Traffic flow and the number of drivers obviously factor into the equation.


Harris County has the most fatal and serious injury accidents than any other county in the state of Texas for the year 2015. Some of the data about Houston revealed:

338 fatal crashes with 362 fatalities
• 2302 people seriously injured in car accidents
• 10,854 non-incapacitating injuries were reported
• 33,009 possible injuries on the crash reports


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