How Safe is My Child’s Daycare?

Written by Greg on January 22, 2020


Your children are precious to you. When you drop your children off at a daycare facility you want to be sure that they will be safe, healthy, and happy. Unfortunately, accidents can happen when your children are at the daycare provider. If your children suffer an injury, it can be a traumatic event for the entire family.Lawyers for daycare injury in Houston

If the injury was caused by the negligence of the daycare owner or staff, you may be owed money for medical expenses and other damages. An experienced personal injury attorney will assist you with your child’s accident and help you get the money you deserve.

Tips for Choosing a Daycare Provider

There are several tips to locate a safe daycare provider for your children. Ideally, you want to have several options so you can make a decision best for your child and that fits your needs and budget.

  • Start your search early. The longer you wait, the fewer choices may be available.
  • Visit the daycare facility and take a tour. Try to visit the location on a typical day when children are present. This will show you how the facility operates regularly.
  • Verify that the teachers and managers have proper training and credentials.
  • Make sure the facility is clean and safe
  • Check to see if the daycare has cameras. If so, parents may view their children on a ransom basis during the day.
  • Confirm that the daycare has proper licensing.

Signs That Your Daycare May Not be Safe

A few signs may indicate that your daycare facility is unsafe. The facility may be dirty or unsanitary. A daycare facility should have clean floors, tables, chairs, toys, and equipment. The provider should have staff sufficient to handle the number of children they care for daily. That number varies based on the age of the children. The provider must perform background checks on employees. The provider should have a program in place that provides parents with information and regular updates about their children.

Verify that the daycare has a child care license. The Texas Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) Child Care Licensing (CCL) oversees the regulation of child care programs. You can confirm that the facility has a license by visiting the CCL website. Licensed providers must comply with specific standards and provide high-quality learning environments for children.

When you notice an unsafe condition, bring it to the attention of the manager immediately. The manager should provide you with an action plan for making the condition safe. If your child was hurt at daycare, the facility must inform you in writing and report the accident to the HHSC.

Call the Daycare Negligence Law Firm

The daycare provider must care to ensure that the facility is safe for children. If your child was hurt at a daycare facility, we can help.

Contact the Baumgartner Law Firm to discuss the details of the incident with our daycare negligence lawyers.



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