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How Life Flight Helicopters Save Lives

Flight for Life in Houston

Memorial Hermann Hospital operates a helicopter service that transports injury victims in the Houston area to the Texas medical Center and is responsible for saving countless lives every year.

In Houston’s congested highways particularly during peak traffic times getting an injury victim to the care they need is often a very difficult and slow process. That’s where helicopter transport comes in to play.

In reality, the helicopter service is really an air ambulance service and can transport folks with very serious injuries quickly and efficiently. Often times minutes matter and can make the difference in helping a doctor save a life.

Having access to such quality ambulance services is a real benefit to the Houston community and the area at large. The helicopter service serves the community within about 150 miles of the Texas Medical Center and is the fastest way to get victims with life-threatening injuries to critical care providers.

There are numerous pilots and flight nurses as well as paramedics and mechanics and others that support and work with this air ambulance service. If you have a friend or family member that has been critically injured in a car accident or a truck accident you will be happy to know that the air ambulance service is available to help save lives in our community.

Getting victims to the hospital quickly and without the delay of congested Houston traffic means the difference between life and death for many Houstonians. This valuable service is not inexpensive and often very expensive, but can you put a price tag on saving a life?