How Car Wrecks Affect Houston Commuters

Written by Greg on January 28, 2013

How Car Wrecks Affect Houston Commuters

Early this morning there was a car accident that detained commuters for almost an hour on US 59 and another on Interstate 45 that kept commuters from their destination for over an hour.  Car accidents in the Houston area are infamous for the delays that one can expect while the accident is being cleared.

If it is a serious injury or wrongful death accident, the traffic can be backed up for multiple hours while an investigation takes place.  Likewise, if there is any HAZMAT cleanup necessary it further delays the opening of the roadway.

Houston commuters are already faced with lengthy delays when traffic is moving normally and smoothly during rush hour.  But Houston is not the most congested traffic in American it is on the list.

Fortunately, there are many projects such as the Grand Parkway, which are designed to reduce the traffic congestion for the metropolitan area.  Others while on the blackboard are desperately needed now, such as US 290 outbound and inbound.

Given the explosive growth of the metropolitan area, we have done a pretty good job of planning for traffic however there is no doubt we are behind the curve.  Given the makeup of the Houston real estate development over time, mass transit does not appear to be much of a viable option for us.

One option that has been used in California successfully it is to have a dedicated lane for multiple passengers.  This concept is utilized in Houston, however we require on most of our multiple passenger lanes beyond a separate road.  The California approach allows any user to move over to the outbound lane provided they have two or more passengers at any time.  This concept also maximizes the use of lanes because it does not require concrete barriers to separate out the high-capacity travel lane.

Whichever approach Houston takes, it is clear that the Houston area is in need of leadership in Austin for funding necessary road improvements.  When a Houston commuter can expect an hour plus from outlying areas to downtown even during the best of traffic it is time for action.

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