Houston’s DWI Accident Dilemma

Written by greg on February 22, 2013

Houston’s DWI Accident Dilemma

This weekend another fatal DWI accident is suspected when a “possible” the driver rear-ended another vehicle and killing a passenger who was ejected. Of course, the accident happened early in the morning, on the weekend.

According to reports, the police indicated that the driver of the bullet vehicle showed signs of intoxication and was arrested at the scene. Formal charges have not been filed as of this time. In most of these cases, after a serious injury or wrongful death accident, the police will obtain a warrant for a blood alcohol test should the suspect declined to provide the specimens.

It is no secret that Houston has the highest fatal accident rate when alcohol is involved of any other city in America, a dubious distinction and one that our elected officials have taken great efforts to combat. Even with “no refusal weekends” the number of fatal drunk driving or alcohol-related fatalities continues to skyrocket. They bring communities have even taken to arresting bartenders suspected of over serving patrons in an effort to reduce the number of fatal car accidents involving alcohol.

The latest drunk driving accident occurred on Interstate 10 and is one of two that occurred this weekend where alcohol is suspected as having played a part.

Some efforts to combat drunken driving accidents have been deemed too extreme or unconstitutional. Efforts that are used abroad such as sobriety stations or road checks have been branded as too intrusive to American society. The roadblock approach or sobriety checking station has been used to great efficiency in places like Australia, where the consequences of being arrested for drunken driving are pretty significant.

Increasing the penalties for being convicted of DWI alone are not sufficient to combat the problem. In fact, increases in penalties have done little to deter DWI arrests. Rethinking Texas’s position on Dram Shop cases against bars and clubs that over-served patrons would be a good first step by utilizing civil justice to accomplish what criminal penalties alone are failing to do.

When you live in a community where the crown is the most fatal DWI accidents in the country, it is perhaps time that Texans considered alternatives to reducing the number of the talent these of our neighbors, friends, and family.

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