Houston’s Drunk Driving Dilemma

Written by greg on March 3, 2015



Study after study has shown that the greater Houston area has an epidemic of drunk driving accidents and many of them fatal. Perhaps it is the wild west mentality of Texas, or a big-city metropolitan problem but the facts remain troubling.


Houston’s Channel 2 had a very informative investigational report showing where fatal crashes with alcohol happen the most in the greater Houston area.


DUI accident map Houston


Despite record sentencing such as a man who got life in prison after numerous DWI arrests, do not seem to be making an impact on the problem.



Houston is implemented a series of all policy changes designed to battle the drunk driving problem we face. Having the reputation of the drunk driver capital of the nation is not a distinction Houstonians appreciated.


First, we implemented no refusal weekends, which funded the ability to obtain warrants simultaneously after the arrest in order to test for alcohol. Next, Pierce County got serious with repeat offenders by training probation officers on the psychology of alcohol abuse.


Everyone knows that repeat drunk driving offenders have a much greater risk of further accidents. In 2013 alone, approximately 13,000 people or one half of all people on probation in Harris County were being supervised for a drunk driving arrest.


To put matters in perspective, in the year 2012 there were almost 3000 crashes where alcohol was a factor resulting in 175 deaths and almost 1000 serious injuries in Harris County alone.



There’s little doubt that despite the best efforts of law enforcement and/or quarks, the drunk driving dilemma in Harris County continues to be a major problem. To report a drunk driver you can call 911 and hopefully prevent someone from being seriously injured.

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