Houston Seeks Texting Ban When Texas Leaders Fail

Written by Greg on November 23, 2015

For the last decade, Texas lawmakers have failed to sign into law a band on texting while driving within the state. This is prompted numerous cities within the state to take the bull by the horns and pass their own local ordinances dealing with the problem.

Gov. Perry chose to veto by not signing into law a statewide ban several years ago. More recently, under Greg Abbott,  Texas legislators failed to advance the statute sorely needed within the state dealing with distracted driving.

It is widely believed that there are sufficient lawmakers support the statewide ban on texting while driving if the governor’s office would support the initiative. So far that has been elusive within the state.

Some of the larger cities that have addressed the problem and shown true leadership are: El Paso, Austin and San Antonio. Within the greater Houston area Conroe and also Galveston have banned texting while driving within their city limits. There’s little doubt that texting while driving is dangerous and needs to be regulated.

Recent studies have suggested that texting while driving is almost as dangerous as drinking drivers. Despite the studies, leaders in Texas have failed and refused to advance necessary protections for Texas families.

Houston Mayor Parker has made a priority of passing a Houston ban on texting while driving before leaving office. How much protection if any family’s guilt within the city limits will be up to the city Council. Let us hope and pray that the city Council does the right thing advancing a ban on texting while driving within the city limits of Houston.

There is no question that banning texting while driving is supported by the vast majority of Houstonians. According to KHOU channel 11, 88% of Harris County voters supported statewide ban on texting while driving.

It is truly a sad day in Texas where leadership fails and Texas family suffer when a statewide band cannot be implemented on a known danger to the public.

Source: http://www.khou.com/story/news/local/2015/09/30/mayor-parker-fights-to-ban-texting-while-driving/73121708/

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