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Houston Lawyer Referral Service

Almost every day we get telephone calls from people seeking an attorney in practice areas that we do not handle as we only take personal injury claims.  In some cases, we are able to make a referral to a law firm to help the caller. In other instances, we refer people to the Houston Lawyer Referral Service which provides an invaluable service to our community.


Lawyer referral service in Houston, TXThe HLRS is certified by the State Bar of Texas and maintains a list of over 400 law firms in every practice area imaginable. People with questions regarding a legal problem may want to start their search for an attorney or answers with the Houston Lawyer Referral Service.

The service is available by telephone at 713-237-9429 or 800-289-4577 or online at their website www.hlrs.org. Attorneys belonging to the organization have been screened for each area of practice that they list. The service indicates that their average experience level of attorneys registered with the service is 17 years.

If you are seeking an attorney to handle a matter for you and do not know where to start, the Houston Lawyer Referral Service can be a good start. Other ideas for getting names of good attorneys to help you with your matter include recommendations from friends and simply getting on the phone and calling a law firm that you know of or heard about and asking for a recommendation.

Most law firms will be happy to provide referrals should they know someone who practices in the area that you seek.

Other suggestions for finding an attorney to help you are lawyers.com and avvo.com.

If you need to talk to a car accident lawyer in Houston, or another type of injury accident, call us for a free consultation.

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