Houston Fatal Wrong Way Accident

Written by Greg on April 15, 2013

Early Sunday morning a driver was going the wrong direction on Beltway 8 in North Houston. The driver of the vehicle going the wrong direction on the eastbound lanes of Beltway 8 has been described as a woman in her 20s. The fatal accident happened about 4:45 AM according to a tow truck driver.

The driver, narrowly missed other vehicles according to a report and struck another vehicle head on killing two people. Thereafter, striking a third vehicle but fortunately the driver of the third vehicle escaped with minor injuries.

The identities have not been released of the deceased as of late Sunday afternoon. The target vehicle also caught fire and witnesses were unable to extinguish the fire.

Witnesses at the scene reportedly indicated that they smelled alcohol on the driver who is going the wrong way on the Beltway. This is another example of a situation where a needless death has occurred because someone chose to drink and drive.

I’m not sure how long it would take someone who is sober to understand that they were going the wrong direction on a highway, but it wouldn’t be very long at all.

Charges of intoxicated manslaughter are likely stemming from this fatal accident. According to reports, investigators were attempted to find out where the driver had entered the Beltway going the wrong direction.

Drinking drivers are more prevalent on the weekends and in the early morning hours of the weekends. This is an unfortunate accident where the other vehicle was clearly in the wrong place at the wrong time.

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