Houston Drowning Accidents Increase in the Summer

Written by Greg on February 10, 2013

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Updated June 2020

Every summer in Houston we have multiple drowning of young children, typically aged two through seven.  Additionally, there are also numerous older children who drown each year in the state of Texas. Our drowning accident lawyers see this tragedy frequently.

Some of these terrible tragedies happen at homes with pools or hot tubs and some have been at apartment complexes.  Still, others occur in natural waterways such as drainage ditches and ponds.

Texas has the Most Child Drownings in the Country

Texas has more child drownings than any other state

Safety Devises Help Prevent Drowning

There are many available safety devices for swimming pools and many are very inexpensive and easy to implement.  The best course of action is to have more than one safety device in use in your own swimming pool, in effect, a backup safety system.

Fencing with childproof gates is a good start for young children in the home or the neighborhood.  Other devices such as pool covers and splash warnings can give an extra layer of safety for children.

With the technological advances in 2020, many new options are available to protect small children from drowning that just were not available 15 years ago. Sensors, splash warnings, and other methods of protection are now affordable and effective!

Drowning Happens Quickly

Drowning can happen in just a minute, the time it takes to answer a phone, take a short break, answer the doorbell, or any other distraction in the home.  However, the consequences of not adequately protecting your pool during those distractions can be devastating.

Likewise, apartment complexes are charged with responsibilities for their swimming pools.  The apartment complex owner should follow safety regulations regarding equipment at the pool.  In some instances, a pool will provide a lifeguard and in such cases, they should use due care in protecting the children.

If you have young children and a swimming pool or are considering putting in the pool, I urge you to consult with a safety person regarding what you can do to best protect your children and others in the neighborhood.

A very good resource for safety information for pools is pool safety.gov.

Pool Safety and the Law

Ever wonder how much time it takes to drown? Young children have drowned when a parent or caregiver got up to answer a phone, went to the door to receive a package, or even went to the restroom.

The list of distractions and reasons why a young child was not being watched near the water are many. Even some children who can swim can drown in some conditions. The younger the child, the more likely they are to panic and need help.

For every child who grounds there are three or four raw hospitalize you almost drown. Each year approximately 3000 children are treated in emergency rooms for drowning incidents. Many can suffer permanent brain injury because of the lack of oxygen.

If you own a pool there are several methods that you can use to improve the safety of your pool. The first method is to have redundant or backup safety measures. In other words, have more than one method of preventing drowning. If you have a childproof fence around your pool, put in a splash alert or other warning device in the event a child gets over the fence. Many new devices for pool safety can be purchased for under $100.

Suggested safety guidelines for children at pools:

* Never leave a child unattended near water

* Keep a constant eye on children playing in or near water

* Gate your swimming pool and include a self-closing gate opening outward with the latch out of a child’s reach.

* Get your children swimming lessons as soon as possible from a certified instructor

* Take CPR classes and become proficient

* Install a safety pool cover in addition to your gate and fence.

There are many pool accidents that occur at residential pools and many that happen in apartment complex drownings. The Virginia Graeme Baker Pool & Spa Safety Act was enacted in 2007 to prevent unnecessary drain entrapments in pools and spas. The act generally covers apartment complex pools and other pools generally open to the public or available for use without a fee. The law goes a long way to prevent an apartment complex pool drowning.

The important point of pool safety is that children should be supervised at all times. Even children who are swimmers need to be supervised constantly. Backup safety devices can prevent needless tragedies in many instances.

Many Drownings on Lake Conroe

Lake Conroe is the deadliest lake in Texas. So for in 2020, we have had several drownings already. Always wear a life jacket. Make sure that everyone in the boat or on the jet ski is wearing a lifejacket. Alcohol and boating do not mix. Don’t drive a boat drunk!

Houston is a leading city for child drownings. We all need to work to make our city safer for the most vulnerable among us- children.

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