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Written by Greg on December 18, 2012

A number of organizations have compiled lists of safety advice that homeowners should follow to prevent fires. What follows are some of the most oft repeated ‘helpful hints’.

*Register new home appliances as soon as you get them in the door. Some stores will even allow you to register them on-site before bringing them home. No matter how seemingly inconsequential the item is – hair dryer, electric knife, etc. – get it registered! The large number of recalls for every type of electrical appliance is a reminder to consumers of the importance of this simple first-step in appliance ownership. Registration allows companies to more expediently  notify a consumer in the event of a recall.

*Stay abreast of product recalls by signing up for alerts at recalls.gov. Those who move into a home with existing appliances should record their make and model and check company websites for any recalls or review customers’ experiences with those products at SaferProducts.gov.


*Install fire-prevention equipment. Make sure there is a working smoke alarm on every level of your home and in every bedroom. Choose smoke alarms with both photoelectric and ionization sensors to provide the fastest response to any type of fire. Also, keep one full-floor fire extinguisher (rated 2A-10B:C or greater) on every level, plus a smaller supplemental unit in the kitchen.


*Inspect power cords. Check for frayed power cords and never route electric cords (including extension cords) under carpeting, where they can overheat or be damaged by furniture and check home wiring as well. Have a certified inspector check the wiring of older homes because they cannot always handle the demands of modern appliances.

Watch this blog for more fire safety tips in the near future.

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