High Speed Car Wrecks

Written by Greg on August 10, 2013

Speed plays a major part in many various serious injury or fatal car accidents. Aside from distracted driving and drunken-driving accidents, traveling too fast for conditions is a major cause of a great number of very bad accidents.

Often, speed plays only a part in the accident such as when a driver is distracted or under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Driving too fast for conditions is one of the leading causes of death of teenage drivers in America.

Even experienced drivers can exceed conditions that are safe and sometimes not a attention to the speed you are traveling. In many cases it is not the speed that is the cause of the accident it is the disparity in speeds between vehicles that can be dangerous. Studies have shown that vehicles traveling slower than the flow of traffic in those traveling much greater can both contribute to cause an accident.

Of course the higher the speed at the time of the collision the greater the chance for serious injury or wrongful death. Many times roll over accidents occur due to a vehicle taking evasive action at highway speeds and a driver overreacting.

Teenage drivers often race or drive fast to show off or impress their friends. The results can be seen every day in newspapers across the country. The old saying that “speed kills” certainly applies to teenage drivers exceeding the speed limit.

Parents can lead by example and driving within the speed limit and communicating safety procedures at every opportunity while their children are young. Additionally, the availability of GPS monitoring devices which can record speed of vehicles and the tendencies of teenage drivers can be an invaluable resource for parents.

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