Helpful Suggestions After An Injury Accident

Written by greg on March 8, 2012

Most people who are in a serious injury car accident have no idea what to do or what is expected of them as an injury victim. Many are shocked by the treatment they get from the other drivers insurance company and are even more outraged once the insurance company starts talking about money.

Some helpful suggestions to help you with a potential case include:

Initial Documentation

an injury victim should be sure to keep the initial documents of the accident that they get from the investigating officer at the which includes contact information for the negligent driver and his or her insurance information as well as an incident number.

Take Photos With Your Cell Phone

Is a good idea to take photos of the vehicles before they are moved or if not possible shortly after they are moved within eye toward showing the force of the impact and the damage to the vehicles. Things like skidmarks and debris on the roadway may also be important to help establish liability down the road.

Do Not Give Permission To Medical Providers

Recently, some medical providers are asking for permission from the victim to contact an insurance company regarding their medical bills. We recommend that victims do not authorize their medical providers to reach out and connect with the defendant’s insurance company. That is not to say that the insurance company should not be provided with medical records but contact by the medical providers to the defendant’s insurance company is not something we recommend. If the victim has health insurance, it is a good idea to run your medical bills through your health insurance plan and let the medical provider deal with your medical insurance company and not the defendant’s insurance company.

Contact A Reputable Personal Injury Attorney

If you have a serious injury you may well want to consider hiring a personal injury attorney to help you handle the claim. If you decide to get help, or need specific advise, you should contact your family attorney or look for a reputable attorney who handles personal injury insurance claims.

For More Information About A Car Wreck Case

Go to our helpful car wreck information center to find information about issues related to injury accidents in a car wreck in Texas.  You can find the information here:

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