Goodyear Tire Recall

Written by greg on March 6, 2012

The National Highway Transportation Administration reported a recall on February 28, 2012 for Goodyear Wrangler Silent Armor tires of specific sizes.  This is the Campaign ID number 12 T003000. The recall covers certain Wrangler Silent Armor tires that were made from the 9th week of 2009 through the 22nd week of 2009. The concern is that these tires may have a partial tread separation, which can result in a very serious, or wrongful death accident.

According to reports, this recall by Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company would include about 41,000 tires. At least 2 people have been killed in a rollover accident with the vehicle that was equipped with these tires, according to reports.

Typically, the recalled tires would be installed on pickup trucks, vans and SUVs. If you are concerned about whether or not you have one of the recalled tires you can Google how to determine the age of a tire and can learn the easily read code for the age of the tire. Additionally, you can go to the national Highway Transportation Safety Administration’s website to learn more information about the recall and the specific tires included. This is the link to their website:

A tread separation on a pickup truck or an SUV can turn deadly in a fraction of a second when the tire deflates or blows out and the driver is unable to control the vehicle, often resulting in a fatal rollover accident. The danger is of losing control is greatest when a rear tire fails on the vehicle.

If you have been involved in a rollover accident and believe you may have a recalled tire and would like to speak with a recalled tire accident attorney contact Baumgartner Law Firm for no obligation consultation. Rollover accident attorney Greg Baumgartner has substantial experience in defective tire lawsuits.

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