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Girl Critically Injured in Electrical Accident at Park


Houston Moody Park


A 9-year-old girl was in critical condition following an electrical accident in a Houston area park. The accident happened at Moody Park. The girl and her friend were playing in the park when they somehow came into contact with an electrical box. The box is used to supply electricity to the park and is located in the grass near the dugout where the Lindale Little League was playing. The girl two girls were suddenly victims of electrical shock. The grandfather of one of the girls quickly tried to pull the girl away and was also struck with electricity.

One girl and the grandfather were treated for their injuries and released. The other girl was in critical condition and required surgery to remove some of the damaged tissue. The extent of her injuries is not known. The accident occurred when many other children were nearby and some children were extremely frightened by the incident. According to sources, the park had received numerous reports of lighting problems in the past.

Electrical Boxes Could Pose a Danger

While it is not known exactly what caused this accident, ABC13 found that there had been numerous requests of lighting problems at Moody Park in the last several years and at least two for unspecified electrical issues. The service orders were all designated as closed, meaning that the problem was supposedly resolved. Houston’s Parks and Recreation Department declined to comment on the prior maintenance issues. However, the City of Houston issued a statement saying that they will replace electrical boxes at all city parks.

According to some, that action comes too late. The city knew about potential problems and did not take action to ensure the safety of the residents. One of the Little League board members stated that she personally had put in requests regarding lighting problems and feels that not enough was done. Certainly, the city might be found liable for the accident if they failed to properly maintain the electrical boxes or if they knew about a problem and did not take the proper steps to correct the situation. Electrical injuries often are serious and sometimes fatal.

What to do Following a Serious Accident

If you or a loved one was hurt in an accident on someone else’s property or at a public place, there are several steps you should take. Call the police to file a report of the accident so there is a record of the incident. Get medical attention and keep records of all the treatment and costs associated with care. Contact an attorney to assist you with the claim process. Your attorney will take charge of the claim and will immediately start to gather evidence that is crucial to your case. For instance, in this case, the maintenance records from the city may and inspecting the electrical box may be crucial in proving negligence.

Every case is different and not all situations need to be resolved with a legal case. The best thing to do following any type of electrical accident with injuries is to discuss the matter with a personal injury attorney.

Our hearts go out to the little girl!