Firefighters Are True American Heroes.

Written by Greg on October 17, 2012

Fires are one of the most frightening experiences that an individual may face. Those who have lived through any type of fire usually walk away with a greater respect for the professionals who make a living running towards the fire while others are fleeing – in other words, the firefighter.

Even as well-trained as they are (and if you do not believe that then visit a firefighter school website where you can learn more about the type of coursework and hands-on practice they must undergo long before they are even able to make an application for a firefighting position) it is surprising to learn the extent of firefighter injuries that occur annually. Consider the following statistics.

*Over a recent two-year span over 80,000 occurred annually. Half of the injuries occurred at the site of the fire itself while and, to a smaller extent, some were hurt on the way to and from the fire – clearly one-fourth of these were from overexertion or strain.

*One longitudinal study found that ten percent of firefighter injuries occur in the month of July during afternoon hours. Then there is a lull until midnight where fire injuries increase up to the 5 a.m. hour.

*Approximately 65% of firefighter injuries occur in structural fires and another 13% occur outdoors or at the site of a vehicle fire.

*In a job as dangerous as firefighting it is not unexpected that there will be fatalities. Last year alone ten firefighters lost their lives when fighting brush and wildfires alone. Over the last 35 years there have been over 4300 fatalities of on-duty firefighters.

Firefighters are true American heroes.

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