Fighting Drunk Driving in Texas

Written by greg on September 8, 2015

Although there is a national awareness of the dangers of drunk driving thanks to organizations such as M.A.D.D. (Mothers against Drunk Driving) it is still at unfortunate epidemic levels across the country and the result is often death for innocent victims.

This is certainly true on Houston area roads. According to one source, Harris County has THE highest rates of drunk driving fatalities among similar counties across the United States!

60% of traffic fatalities in the Houston area are alcohol related.

Horrific results of drunk driving in recent months include a serious injury or fatal wreck several time every week in Houston. These incidences occurred because people still get behind the wheel of their vehicle drunk.

Driving while intoxicated turns cars and trucks into death machines. While it is one thing to gamble with your own life – more often than not the drunk driver takes innocent victims out with him or her.

With all the media attention surrounding the issue of drunk driving it is no less than mind boggling that it still happens on a daily basis – and the sad reality that people die because of it.

A new law went into effect last Tuesday that is designed to combat drunk driving offenses and saving lives. The new statute requires drunk driving offenders to install ignition interlocks on their vehicles to have their driving privileges restored following a DWI conviction.

Mothers Against Drunk Driving lobbied for the new law and was instrumental in its passage.

Another way to fight to prevent drunk driving accidents would be to change the law making it easier to serve bars or clubs that intentionally over served patrons and require all such liquor establishments to have liability insurance.

In Texas, through dram shop laws, victims often have a right to pursue a liquor establishment but the alcohol provider is given certain safe harbors that help prevent liability.

Changing the law to favor communities instead of alcohol providers will go a long way in making our highways safer for everyone.

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