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Facts About a Concussion Following a Car Wreck

Car wreck concussions


A concussion is a type of injury that can occur a variety of events. Football players have been the focus of media reports regarding the long-term effects of concussions. However, there are far more common causes of concussions than involvement in sports like football. A concussion commonly is the result of an automobile accident. If you, or a loved one, has been involved in a car accident, there are some basic facts associated with a concussion that you need to understand.


Understanding a Concussion


Like most people, you likely have a general understanding of what can cause a concussion. However, you may not know much more about the results of a concussion.


Medically speaking, a concussion is defined as a traumatic brain injury. A concussion is caused by a blow to the head, a fall, or some other type of injury that shakes or jars the brain. A person can suffer a concussion with no visible signs of injury present.


A concussion causes some people to consciousness, or pass out. Some individuals forget what occurred immediately prior to the event that caused a concussion. However, other individuals experience no immediate symptoms or a concussion.


The Potential Effects of a Concussion


You are not alone if you are unaware of all potential effects of a concussion. Most people who suffer a concussion fully recover. Recovery can take only a matter of hours in some cases. For many individuals, the recovery process takes two or three weeks.


In the aftermath of a concussion, the brain is sensitive to sustaining additional damage. Therefore, an injured individual must take care to avoid any activity that could result in additional injury.


Unfortunately, in some cases, a concussion results in severe, life-altering problems. These include problems with cognitive thought, learning, movement, or speaking. A permanent disability can occur as the consequence of even one accident that results in a concussion.


A Medical Evaluation is Vital


Even if you “feel fine” following an automobile accident, you must promptly seek a medical evaluation. Every day, people just like you are involved in car accidents and do not experience immediately recognizable injuries. This can include concussions. Only through a thorough medical examination are you able to understand the nature of injuries you may have experienced in a car accident.


Consult a Lawyer


If you suffered injuries in an automobile accident, including a concussion that may not seem particular serious right now, you best protect your legal rights and interests by consulting with a skilled, experienced personal injury lawyer with experience in head injury promptly. A personal injury attorney will schedule an initial consultation with you to discuss and evaluate your case and provide answers to your questions. There is no fee charged for an initial consultation.


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