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Do’s and Don’ts of Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney


Here are some helpful suggestions for hiring the best personal injury lawyer! Read our post on how to find the best personal injury attorney in Houston. Our recommendations as “do” and “don’t”.


  • Research the attorney who will actually do the work on your case.
  • Look to peer reviewed ratings like Lawyers.com or Martindale.com.
  • Read client reviews and consider messaging the reviewers for more information.
  • Look to the Better Business Bureau and State Bar information sites.
  • Insure the attorney you are considering has the kind of experience you need for this case.
  • Look to the track record in your kind of case for relevant results.
  • Interview several attorneys.
  • Ask tough questions.
  • Read any contract regarding representation word by word before signing.
  • Only hire the attorney if you are comfortable and have done your homework.
  • Hire only a local attorney.


  • Rely on non-peer-reviewed important sounding awards.
  • Hire an attorney without substantial winning experience with the specific type of case you have.
  • Hire an attorney and get palmed off to an associate- ask who will do the work on your case, take the depositions, handle negotiations etc.; If the partner, gives you an unclear answer- like they will be supervising your case- you will end up with the inexperienced associate.
  • Ever hire an attorney who approaches you- case running is illegal and unethical and this is not the lawyer for you.
  • Accept the recommendation of friends without also investigating the attorney yourself.
  • Believe that bigger is better in firm size. It is which attorney in the firm that does the actual work that counts.
  • Hire an attorney you have not researched and are comfortable with.
  • Hire a TV lawyer- they are high volume and that is never good for personal service or results.
  • Hire an out of town or out of state lawyer.


The general rule is the more serious your injury the more research you should do before hiring an attorney. While minor injury claims may not require lawyer research, serious injury accident like a semi truck accident require the right attorney to maximize your compensation. Look for the best truck accident lawyer you can find if hurt in a large truck crash.

Here are the top 6 mistakes people make in hiring a car wreck lawyer!

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