Does Texas Need Texting Ban?

Written by Greg on April 20, 2013

There is no doubt that texting while driving poses a danger to drivers who take their eyes off the road. In fact, studies indicate that texting while driving can be almost as dangerous as driving while intoxicated.

On average, a texting driver will take their eyes off the roadway for a period of several seconds which can equate to several football fields of driving without watching. Composing an email or a text message is especially dangerous while driving.

It is only in the last decade that smart phones have put the ability to send email and text messages instantaneously in the hands of the majority of drivers. Prior to smartphones, texting while driving, emailing and even talking on a cell phone were not even an issue.

The vast majority of drivers own a cell phone with text capability and most have email capability as well. Our society has evolved into a “connected” one based upon the Internet and largely on wireless or mobile devices. Facebook, text messages, instant messages and even video messaging all have taken over our communications.

Because of the number of accidents caused by a driver being distracted through either cell phone use or texting, many states and municipalities have taken upon themselves to make their community safer by regulating the ability of a driver to be distracted legally.

There are many communities throughout the state of Texas that felt compelled, because of the number of accidents, to pass an ordinance dealing with texting or emailing while driving. The solution however requires a state wide uniform law dealing with distracted driving. Having individual cities such as Galveston, Conroe or even Houston deal with the issue individually leads to a hodgepodge of different statutes depending on where you are currently located at the time.

Leadership is desperately needed in Texas to protect our families and to give a uniform level of acceptable safety standards as far as distracted driving goes. Many leaders in the state feel strongly about a distracted driving statute is needed to protect our communities. Others, oppose the “intrusion” into adult behavior.

One of the most fundamental reasons for having a government is to protect the community. If a government whether state or federal does not take necessary action to protect communities, the entities are not doing the job they were elected to do. Call your Texas representative and demand action on distracted driving in Texas.

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