Daycare Safety

Written by greg on July 29, 2013

Just when parents need it the most, day care centers prove that adequate supervision is not always available. According to a study that was conducted by the Consumer Product Safety Commission in 1997, over 13 million children were placed in day care situations while the parents were otherwise engaged. That very same year, over 31,000 children were transmitted to the emergency room for injuries that occurred either at school or in the daycare.

The following hazards have been identified as major issues in day care accidents:

* Lack of safety surfacing around fall zones

* Tripping hazards

* Pinch points

* Hazardous play equipment

* Sharp points are corners

* Protruding nails or bolts that can snag children

* Lead paint

Most daycare accidents occur because of inadequate supervision by the personnel in charge of the children’s safety. It is very easy for a teacher or caregiver to be distracted or because they have several children, not pay proper attention to any one child.

Even when a parent tries their hardest to find the safest day care center they can, accidents can occur and do on a regular basis. There are many things parents can do to tilt the odds in their favor and most involve investigation of the day care center itself.

In Texas day care centers are regulated by the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services. The agency provides information on day care centers and even a mechanism for searching for day care centers in your area.

To find a daycare center close to you click here.

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