Most Dangerous Highways in Texas for Teens

Written by greg on July 18, 2014

For many parents of teenagers, one of the biggest concerns regarding their children is when they get behind the wheel of a vehicle. This can be an especially stressful time when allowing teenagers this bout of freedom and many take care to ensure that the vehicle is properly maintained and promises are made to check in repeatedly. That being said, it is equally essential to keep in mind specific transportation routes when going from one place to another, which can be more hazardous in some areas than in others. Along with this, one should also take into account the influx of drivers, especially during peak traffic hours, and as such, parents should take extra caution when allowing their teenagers free roam on the roadways.

I-45 in Houston is the Most Dangerous Highway

According to The Texas Department of Transportation, one of the most dangerous highways in Texas is Interstate-45 in Harris County. It should be noted that this is in relation to teenagers aged 16-19. The research also indicates that between years 2006 – 2010, Interstate-45 held the most accidents involving teens at an estimated 3,091 crashes. The Interstate-10, also in Harris County had an estimated 1,910 teen-involved crashes, which makes it the second most dangerous highway in Texas.

Houston FM 1960 also known as Cypress Creek Parkway is 4th Most Dangerous

Equally of note, as part of the top 15 most dangerous highways in the state, highways to use caution around also include FM 1960 with an estimated 1,365 crashes, Highway 59 with an estimated 1,440 crashes, as well as the 610 Loop with an estimated 1,112 crashes. According to a report from KHOU, some of these accidents can largely be attributed to human error, such as teenagers speeding or not using care when driving. Noted by one of the interviewees from KHOU, Erica Moriaty, “There are those teens that are careful, but there’s a lot that aren’t.” The ‘lot’ is indicated by the vast number of crashes that have occurred in and around these highways, many of which have been proven to be fatal.

Holidays are Especially Dangerous

According to The Texas Department of Transportation, the most common days in which accidents increase for teens is in between Memorial Day and Labor Day. This particular period has been so synonymous with auto accidents it has been come to be known as the “100 Deadliest Days.” Although, one should use care during every day of the year, during this period one should be extra mindful due to the influx of drivers and traffic accidents.

Overall, as mentioned by the report, in the United States there are approximately 4,000 teens that die in a car crash annually. A large portion of these accidents have come directly off of the most dangerous highways listing.

Once again, parents should take caution when your children drive in major metropolitan areas and inform their teenagers to use equal caution when on major highways or busy roadways.  In addition, adults should also use caution themselves when driving in and around these potentially dangerous highways.

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