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Construction Worker Falls To His Death

In another tragedy at Texas A&M, a 25-year-old man working on construction of the football stadium died after a fall.

The stadium at A&M University is currently being renovated in a project estimated at $450 million. The man, who’s been identified as Angel Garcia, was apparently working for Lindamood Demolition at the time of his fall, which occurred on December 2, 2013.

According to reports, Mr. Garcia was working on the construction four stories above the ground when he fell. While the facts behind this terrible tragedy have not completely been disclosed, OSHA and University police as well as others are investigating the cause of the tragedy.

The lead contractor has been identified in reports as Manhattan – Vaughn Construction a Houston-based company.

Under OSHA rules fall protection is extremely specific and requires that only training but fall protection equipment and procedures to protect workers and the public from fatal accidents.

If OSHA procedures are followed, generally it is very rare for a fatality to occur because of the fall. Usually, contractors have areas roped off to prevent workers from getting too close to an edge and those workers who are in the area of danger with respect to falls are required to wear specific fall protection equipment.

In wrongful death lawsuits that stem from construction fall accidents, one of the key issues in a case is who controlled the work being done at the time.

The University President Mr. Loftin issued a statement with his deepest sympathy on behalf of not only Texas A&M but for all Aggies.

While OSHA will undoubtedly do a thorough investigation as they usually do when a fatal injury occurs in the state of Texas from an on-the-job accident, companies usually negotiate the civil OSHA violations and penalties for violations of the rules down in an effort to reduce their civil exposure in a wrongful death or personal injury lawsuit.