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Cell Phone Use And Accidents

All of us have become frustrated at a driver who was not paying attention and sat through half of a green light or was driving so slowly that it impeded traffic and was unsafe. Invariably, when you pull up alongside said driver, he or she has a cell phone up to their ear.

Car Accidents From Texting, houston auto accident

Concentrating on the conversation and not driving is a very dangerous proposition indeed. Although studies very regarding the safety of hands-free devices for cellular telephones, the use of a hands-free device at least keeps two hands on the wheel and not one attached to one’s ear.

At last count, 12 states have outlawed handheld cell phone use for all drivers. A police officer may be able to pull over a driver they witness holding a telephone to their ear while driving. Unfortunately, Texas is not one of the 12 states that prohibits hand-held cellular used for all drivers.

Texas prohibits new drivers with learner’s permits, drivers under 18 years of age, school bus drivers and other drivers in a school crossing zone from using a cell phone while driving.

Many different attempts in Texas have been made to make our roadways safer by legislating a statewide ban on texting and hand-held cell phone use. Unfortunately, the bills I did pass the legislature were vetoed by the Texas governor and never became law.

Many different cities throughout the state of Texas have taken up the cause because of the failure of leadership at the state level. However, individual cities and municipalities attempts to make the roadway safer does not have the same effect as a statewide uniform law regarding cellular use.

It would be nice for the state of Texas to lead on a safety issue instead of consistently bringing up the rear of the pack.

Greg Baumgartner

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