Car Accidents in Fog

Written by Greg on April 7, 2013

It is no secret that fog can be a very dangerous condition and cause many car and truck accidents. Over the years, I’ve seen many very serious injuries and even wrongful death car and truck crashes where fog was involved.

The situation is compounded when the fog comes in patches and an unsuspecting driver reaches a part of the roadway where their visibility is severely impaired. Most drivers instinctively slow down or even stop in such circumstances.

On a highway, stopping on a roadway when visibility is reduced or eliminated can be a very dangerous situation. Motorists who stop on the highway in danger due to drivers who do not stop or slow down and do not see a vehicle stopped or slowed in front of them due to the impaired visibility.

The safest procedure is to pull off the highway at a safe area such as a rest stop or a gas station and wait for the visibility to improve before continuing on your trip. Commercial truck drivers are required to discontinue their trip when visibility is severely impaired due to fog.

Driving under hazardous conditions should be avoided whenever possible. Certainly driving with impaired visibility is extremely dangerous whether it is due to rain, sleet or fog. If you choose to continue your trip, please reduce your speed to allow a safe stopping distance as measured by your visibility.

In some cases, early morning fog can be compounded by other factors such as smoke from a fire. When visibility is reduced or almost eliminated accidents are bound to occur.

Recently, in North Houston early morning fog was a cause of a large pileup of vehicles, none of them could stop in time.

Use extra caution when driving under foggy conditions if you cannot delay your trip for an hour or so for the fog to clear. It is much better to be late for your appointment than to never arrive at all.

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