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Can Social Media Hurt My Personal Injury Case?

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Social Media and Personal Injury Cases

We live in the age of advanced technology with cell phones, social media, and instant information at our fingertips through the Internet. It is only natural these advancements, mainly social media can play a role in your personal injury claim.

If you were hurt in a commercial vehicle accident, you would have to prove your damages. The other driver’s insurance company will try to show that you were partly or entirely to blame for the accident or that your injuries were less severe than you assert.

Proving Your Injuries

You will need to show that the other driver was negligent and caused the accident and that you sustained injuries. It would help if you gathered all of your medical documentation, bills, and other data that provide proof of when you seek medical care and how much your medical treatment cost. You must be able to prove that the accident caused the injuries.

You should seek medical care and that you follow the advice of your doctor. For example, if you may not carry a heavy box, you cannot do so. The insurance company will scrutinize your claim carefully and try to find any discrepancies or deceptions. Proving your claim can be difficult enough, but social media can also play a role in the rejection of your claim.

Social Media and Injury Claims

Years ago, insurance companies may have hired private detectives to follow a victim to observe him or her doing something that shows this injury was not significant. In today’s world, social media can and is often utilized to learn about the victim’s life following an injury claim. Some people enjoy posting about their lives and include photos and texts that describe their activities regularly.

Following a crash, you should refrain from discussing the accident online. What you say can and will prove that you are deceptive about your injuries, even if you are not. For example, you suffer a severe back injury in an accident and are off work. Now, you and your family take a vacation to a tropical location, and you post a photo of you taking a surf lesson. The insurance company will use that information to show that your injuries were not severe or were non-existent.

If your doctor tells you not to lift heavy items, but you post photos of you helping a friend move, you could be found to be not credible about the extent of your injuries. You can see how these issues could hurt your personal injury case.

You can avoid this situation entirely by always following the doctor’s orders and by keeping off social media during your recovery.

When you or a loved one was hurt in an accident, we can help you fight for the compensation you deserve.

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