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Written by greg on June 8, 2017

Boat Wreck


With the summer months upon us, a greater number of people will be taking to the water to take advantage of sail and motor boats. Unfortunately, despite the fact that the vast majority of people will have enjoyable, memorable experiences while boating, people are killed and injured each year in boat accidents and incidents.


Overall Boat Accident Statistical Information


In the United States, there are about 12 million registered recreational boats on the water. In fact, there are many more boats of different types being used each and every day that are not subject to registration requirements.


2015 is the last year a full set of boat accident statistics is available. The data is compiled and maintained by a number of different agencies across the United States.


In 2015, 4,158 accidents involving registered boats. 626 deaths resulted from the accidents. In addition, 2,613 individuals were injured in these accidents, many people seriously so.


The vast majority of individuals killed in boating accidents across the United States were victims of drowning. In fact, 76 percent of all boat accident or incident fatalities were the result of drowning. 85 percent of the people who drowned in boat accidents in 2015 were not wearing life jackets.


Types of Boats Involved in Accidents


Across the United States, open motorboats were involved in the most boat accidents. Indeed, this type of watercraft accounted for 46 percent of all boating accidents in the United States in 2016. 12 percent of boating accidents involved kayaks, 11 percent involved canoes.


Top Five Types of Boating Accidents


The largest number of boating accidents involved collisions between boats. A total of 990 collisions between boats were reported in 2015. Out of that name, there were 36 fatalities and 619 injuries.


The second largest number of boating accidents involved a collision between a boat and a fixed object. There were 470 accidents of this nature in 2015, resulting in 58 deaths and 321 injuries. Flooding of a watercraft was ranked in third place in 2015, and involved 449 boats. Out of that number, 56 people were killed and 118 individuals were injured.


Grounding of a boat and a skier mishap round out the list in fourth and fifth place. 17 people were killed in grounding incidents, 12 people were killed in skier-related accidents. 261 individuals were injured in grounding accidents and 319 water skiers were injured in 2015.



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