Car Wreck Statistics are Shocking

Written by greg on December 27, 2013

Motor vehicle accident facts are compiled by multiple sources in the United States – some agencies are private, some public, many are governmental including (but not limited to) FARS (fatal accident reporting system), IIHS (insurance institute for highway safety), NCHS (national center for highway statistics), NHTSA (national highway transportation safety administration) and NCSS (national crash severity system). Frankly, you’d think that with such powerful organizations and dozens others like it there would be NO traffic accidents or fatalities whatsoever. Unfortunately, nothing could be farther from the truth. Let us consider some of the very real facts about traffic injuries and deaths that occur annually across the country.

Different Car Crash Statistics

*In a recent year there were 28 million vehicles damaged to some degree due to a traffic accident. These were the result of 12 and a half million traffic accidents that caused over 2 million permanent and disabling injuries to drivers, passengers or other victims (such as pedestrians and other nearby witnesses).

*There are a suspected and significant number of additional injuries that are never reported due to such things as a lack of insurance on the part of the person who caused the accident and/or hit and run drivers who fail to seek medical help for fear of being caught and prosecuted.

*Rear end accidents are a major cause of injuries in the U.S.

*Every second a driver is behind the wheel of their vehicle they are confronted with no less than 10 traffic situations that require them to make a driving decision.

In addition, the typical driver is confronted with at least one driver error every two minutes they are on the road. The situation gets more complex with the explosion in mobile phone communications, primarily texting and email use by drivers.  Studies have shown that texting is almost as dangerous as a drunk driver. Unfortunately, our Texas governor chose to veto a state wide ban of texting and driving.

I am hopeful with a new governor in the near future, distract driving laws can be passed without a veto, thus making Texas families safer and having one uniform law across the state.

Texting and driving is a leading cause of car wrecks in the Houston area.


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