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Written by Greg on April 26, 2013

There are a large number of four-wheelers and other all-terrain vehicles used frequently in the state of Texas. Many farmers, ranchers, and outdoor enthusiasts use these vehicles for both business and pleasure. Hunters use the “mule” and also four-wheelers to travel to their blinds and to transport their hunters and game. Atv accidents are common in Texas. To speak with an attorney for an ATV accident call (281) 587-1111!

4 wheeler accident in Texas

Some people even race all-terrain vehicles. The potential for injury with a four-wheeler is fairly significant. The number goes up depending on other factors such as the age of the driver and also whether or not alcohol was involved.

Many four-wheelers have a warning sticker on them regarding the age of the driver and also regarding passengers. Other ATVs such as a mule type vehicle also contain warnings such as the potential for rollover, particularly at higher speeds.

It is a mistaken assumption to believe that because these vehicles do not travel at highway speeds that serious injury cannot occur in an accident. Recently, in Liberty County, a report surfaced of several teenage children injured in a single ATV accident when the vehicle rolled over. Apparently, two of the children were seriously injured.

ATV accidents can happen to adults who are not paying attention or driving recklessly. Children do not have the same driving experience as adults and adding to the situation can be the “fun factor” when several children are riding together. Read our post about who is responsible for ATV accidents.

Recommendations for ATV Safety

Several authorities recommend the following for ATV safety:

Always wear a helmet, long pants and boots

*  Never ride on paved roads, except to cross roadways when can be done safely and permitted by law. – ATVs are designed to be driven off the highway

*  Never carry a passenger on a single user a TV and no more than one other passenger on a two-person ATV

* Use an ATV that is appropriate for your age.

* Supervise riders younger than 16

* Take an ATV safety course and require all those driving to do the same.

Children under 16 should not be riding on adult-size ATVs.

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