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Attorneys Using IPhones

Iphone apps for attorneys

Many attorneys have opted for IPhones because of the convenience of many of the features, the customization, but also because of the plethora of apps that are available.

Many Apps to Help Lawyers Productivity

According to research conducted by the National Purchasing Partners (NPP) there are many different apps available for IPhones that would enhance productivity and allow one to have a more streamlined approach to their law practice, which will not only benefit attorneys, but also their clients as well.

Here are a few of the more popular apps

  • This is a free app that can help lessen the amount of time lawyers spend signing documents; from a real estate transaction to signing a letter of representation or power of attorney. All one needs to do is upload a PDF or Word file from their email, dropbox, or even their camera and then sign with their finger.
  • ScanBizCards HD Lite. In today’s busy, fast paced society, business cards may seem like a rudimentary form of networking. However, they are still a valuable tool in connecting with others in the same scope of industry. This app ups their usefulness by scanning business cards and then implementing the contact information into your contact book. The app also comes complete with 28+ features, such as being able to send an email to the new contact, or sending information to a cloud system.
  • Presentation Clock. Although this app is pay-only, though at .99c it is a useful timer that will time your speeches. It does so in a very intuitive way; when your time is up, it will switch red on black to black on red and then keep track for how long you have gone over.
  • This is useful when it comes to billable hours. It offers multiple features, such as tracking time, a way to connect to your desk top, ability to control settings and so forth.
  • Word Lens. This app allows you to take pictures of printed documents in another language and then recreates them in your own. This is essential for streamlining the process of dealing with foreign documents altogether. Although the app itself is free, it does come with language packs that can be purchased.
  • Fast Case. If you do not have a research team, or need to cut back on time spent research cases – this app is for you. It allows you to access the entire Fast Case law library, which includes federal and state cases all over the United States.
  • TrialPad for IPad. This app is specifically for trial lawyers, allowing them to set up courtroom preparation, and have a better time with court proceedings. Best of all TrialPad is very user friendly. Here is a review we did on TrialPad.

Other essential apps include iJuror, which helps with juror selection, Black’s Law Dictionary, which helps with legal terms, and Time Keeper, which is another time keeping app.

There are additional apps that attorneys may find useful, but these are some of the top picks. However, before downloading any application it is important to check out the reviews, the overall rating, and use your best caution in order to prevent some scrupulous application from being downloaded.

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