Funerals After an Accident

Written by Greg on January 15, 2014

Wrongful death is traumatic to surviving families – and usually results in hidden costs – starting with the price of a funeral and burial. Consider the following information.

Different Cost of a Funerals

The individual services and products of a funeral include:

*the casket and other products such as a temporary grave marker and prayer cards

*professional and administrative services provided by the funeral home including such things as embalming and employee support

*rental of the facility and equipment including the funeral home visitation room and/or a chapel

*transportation to the burial site including limousine service to take the body to the grave

*incidentals including flowers, cemetery plot, and a permanent headstone

Funerals can cost as little as a thousand dollars (not likely though) to upwards of $20,000 or more depending on the amount of money a family has available and is wishes to spend. Funeral homes do not list their charges in quite so graphic and easy-to-read formats. Instead the person planning the funeral should be prepared to ask the cost of separate products and services – and frankly, this usually does not occur because it inflicts addition trauma on the survivors. Often families turn the planning and details of a funeral over completely to a funeral home and do not realize the costs until well after their loved one has been buried.

It is true that we share the common bond that we all will die. I always recommend that funeral arrangements should be planned well in advance.  If necessary it may be best for a friend, lawyer or distant relative help with the funeral arrangements as the family is very susceptible after a sudden accident that claims a loved one.

It is a very difficult situation when you lose a loved one unexpectedly. Feelings of sadness, anger  and even a sense of denial all are reasonably to be expected after a sudden  tragedy.

Turning to friends, family members and your church can be a very important part of starting the healing process. Your support group often is much greater than you expect, and taking advantage of your support group can be a key first step in dealing with a loss.

There are support groups that can assist in an ongoing basis with help from those who have lost a loved one. Organizations such as MADD, provide support for victims and their families.

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