Another Fatal Semi Truck Wreck in Houston

Written by Greg on October 10, 2013

A semi truck was involved in an accident with a passenger car this morning on the North Loop close to the Hardy Toll Road. The crash closed the highway for investigation for many hours.

Typically, a full accident reconstruction is done by the DPS when a semi truck crash results in a death.

While details of this fatal accident have yet to be released, the consequences of a vehicle weighing up to 80,000 pounds colliding with a typically 5000 pound or less vehicle are consistent and frequently fatal.

Truck Wrecks Each Week on Houston Interstates and Highways

Because of the sheer number of trucks traveling across major Houston highways such as Interstate 10, Interstate 45 and Highway 59, each week tends to have multiple big rig accidents many of which are fatal.

The odds of surviving a crash at highway speeds when a passenger car or pickup truck is struck by a semi truck or not good.

Not surprisingly, most of the time the 18-wheeler drivers’ walk away unharmed or with minor injuries at best. The physics of a truck wreck are such that the larger heavier vehicle always wins.

Many accidents are caused by simple driver error and the professional truck driver not following the rules and regulations that apply to truckers and motor carriers causes others.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations were designed and developed to protect the public from catastrophic accidents involving big semi trucks.

Certainly the greater Houston area has more than its share of fatal accidents involving semi trucks.

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