Alleged Drunk Driver Hits Big Rig

Written by Greg on April 13, 2013

Very early Thursday morning, The Woodlands fire department and other first responders were called to a major accident on Harper’s Landing in The Woodlands. Apparently, as reported, a driver of a small  Ford car ran into the side of a trailer on an 18 wheeler.

The commercial truck driver did not see the approaching Ford and pull out of a warehouse facility. The driver of the Ford vehicle slammed into the rear axle area of the trailer of the big rig.

Reports indicate that the driver of the Ford had been drinking prior to the crash and was listed as in stable condition at Memorial Hermann Hospital The Woodlands. Reportedly, the driver admitted to having been drinking at several local watering holes before the accident.

The impact on the trailer was significant and probably totaled out the Ford car. Extensive trailer damage also looks to have been done to the axle area of the trailer.

More DWI Accidents Occur in the Morning

The vast majority of DWI accidents in our area occur in the early morning of the weekends. This accident happened between 2 and 3 AM on Thursday morning.

The number of drunk driving arrests in the greater Houston area over the last several years have been astounding. Additionally, authorities have started implementing a policy allowing them to get warrants for blood samples from those who refuse to take a breath test or a blood test to determine their sobriety.

Since the new policy has been implemented, the number of arrests have skyrocketed and the number of convictions have also increased. The policies usually implemented on weekends during high likelihood of drunk drivers, such as holiday weekends, sporting weekends and the like.

The greater Houston area has more fatal accidents where alcohol is involved than any other major metropolitan area in the United States of America.

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