The Alarming Increase in Motorcycle Crashes

Written by Greg on June 25, 2014

While the trend has been down for fatal accidents involving passenger cars and pickup trucks, motorcycle fatalities are reaching all-time highs and have more than doubled in the last decade.

Increases in Motorcycle Accidents

According to the CDC, for a seven-year period more than 34,000 riders were killed and over 1.2 million injured in motorcycle wrecks.

Not surprisingly, the largest category of fatal motorcycle crashes was the 2224-year-old male and closely followed by men’s slightly elder in the 25 to 29-year-old age group.

The increase in fatal motorcycle accidents has been truly alarming as has been the increase in injury accidents from motorcycle crashes. This trend is probably due to the fact that there are more people riding motorcycles today than ever before. In major metropolitan areas such as Houston, Texas motorcycle accidents occur frequently because of traffic congestion and the inability of the motoring public to actually see the rider.

Interestingly the CDC has determined that the single most important factor for preventing fatal motorcycle accidents is to wear a helmet. Universal helmet laws, which require all those riding on a motorcycle to wear an approved helmet has proven to work to save lives.

Each state determines the requirements for helmet use or nonuse within the state. In Texas, the state generally requires all riders and passengers to wear an appropriate helmet. However, for those that are 21 years old and older who have completed a motorcycle operator training and safety course or who is covered by health insurance meeting certain requirements can ride a motorcycle without wearing a helmet if they so choose.

Prior law in Texas required a sticker that showed the operator of the motorcycle met such requirements. However that law was repealed in 2009 by the enactment of a new law without the sticker requirement.

Some safety tips:

* Never drink and ride your motorcycle.

* Don’t let your friends drink and ride.

* Purchase special clothing that protects you in the event of an accident.

* Wear reflective outerwear.

* Maintain a clear safe distance from other vehicles.

Many people better and I motorcycle accident actually do not have a motorcycle operator’s license. While it may be inconvenient to attend the classes there is credible evidence to indicate that the attendance in the classes can improve safety for you and your friends.

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