Accidental Drowning Accidents- 63 in Texas this Year

Written by Greg on August 30, 2013

Across our great nation every day approximately 10 people die from unintentional drowning, according to the CDC. Two out of the 10 people who perish each day  in an accidental drowning accidents or children under the age of 14.

Alarming Accidental Drowning Statistics

For each child who dies in an unintentional drowning accident, there are five children who must be treated in emergency room departments for accidental drowning injuries. About half of those require hospitalization and follow-up care from a drowning incident.

One of the most common injuries for a nonfatal drowning is brain injury that can be devastating and require long-term care for the victim.

According to the CDC, children who are age 1 to 4 have the highest drowning rates and nearly 80% of all people who died from drowning our male.

Except for birth defects, accidental drowning causes more pathologies of children aged one through four than any other cause. My Fox Houston reported that with the drowning of a four-year-old in rural Liberty County, Texas the death toll has risen to 63 people who drown in the state of Texas is year.

Some of the factors listed by the CDC for causes of accidental drowning include:

* Lack of swimming ability

* Lack of barriers such as pool fencing

* Failure to have close supervision

* No life jackets in boating accidents

* Alcohol use among adolescents and adults

Some of the things that a parent can do to reduce the likelihood of a child being in a drowning accident or to take steps to ensure the child can swim as soon as possible. Basic swimming skills can be obtained through lessons from a variety of reputable providers.

Learning CPR can also be a very important life-saving tool and certainly worthwhile and learning.

While boating the use of life preserver’s can be a invaluable lifesaver in the event of a boating accident. The Houston Chronicle recently reported about  a pleasure boater outside of Houston was thrown overboard on his sailboat and managed to swim 3 miles to shore to safety. Had the person not had a life jacket on at the time of the incident his odds of surviving would have been much less.

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